Claude in his element

We have a fair amount of wineries here in Missouri. Not as many as California, but we do okay. Today we met friends at Cedar Lake Cellars and I decided to take Claude with us. My hubby said, “Are you just going to walk in with him or are you going to put him in a bag?” I said “Well, he’s not a dog (you know there are a lot of people carrying their dogs in bags these days).” But, then I thought it might be easier to carry him in a bag after all. My husband rolled his eyes and said he would meet me in the car. So off we go for a nice 45 minute convertible ride out to the country.

My hubby ordered this bratwurst and I think Claude’s face and the size of that sausage says it all. Maybe too much.

Claude is starting to feel like a celebrity. So many people stopped to meet him, and one of the nice employees (Jen) of Cedar Lake Cellers even had her picture taken with him. Jen said she has at least 50 nutcrackers. What can I say, the girl has good taste.

Well, too many sips later Claude was dancing on the table and offering to crack some nuts if he didn’t get more wine, so we had to scadaddle out of there before he made a scene.

So, back into his comfy little bag and back on the road we went. Notice that now my hubby suddenly seems okay carrying a bag with a nutcracker inside, but he’s probably still rolling his eyes at me.





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