Juneau, Alaska – Part 2

two adirondack chairs facing mountains on both sides of the hole in the wall glacier
If you’re at Taku Lodge and sitting in these chairs, you are looking straight at the “Hole in the Wall” glacier.

My first sea plane ride!

If you haven’t read my first post about Juneau, Alaska, I traveled there for my first Food Bloggers Conference. On my first day there booked an excursion with Wings Airways, where they took us up in a seaplane and flew us over several mountains and glaciers. The scenery was outstanding and I’m sorry, but these pictures just can’t compare to seeing it in person.

See planes docked at Taku Lodge in Juneau, Alaska
My first seaplane ride and I was so excited that I got the seat in the cockpit.
Aerial view of mountains, land and glacier in Alaska
I love that everything is so green.
Girl with red hair, smiling with water and mountains behind her
I was so happy it was summer time while I was there. The weather was perfect.
chef cooking on outdoor grill with mountains in the background
Chef grilling local wild salmon. How about that view?

How’s this view while grilling?

I told the chef it nice to have such an awesome outdoor kitchen with that amazing view. We got lucky that day, it didn’t rain like it does so often in Juneau and the weather was a nice temperature. They cooked salmon, baked beans, coleslaw, sour dough bread, biscuits and the most amazing ginger bread cookies I’ve ever eaten.

Several pieces of wild salmon on an outdoor grill.
Wild salmon getting ready to be grilled over Alder wood pieces.
black bear on top of outdoor grill
Not sure how he didn’t burn his tongue, but he was there for quite a while.

I guess the bear wanted some too.

They said we would probably see some bears, and they were not kidding. First time you hear someone yell “BEAR!” you’re all excited and a little scared. There is always one staff member with carrying a large wooden staff to fend off a bear if need be, but I don’t think the bears ever get close enough to any of the guests to use it. After the fifth time you hear someone yell “Bear!”, you may or may not go check it out.

Mountains in the background, sitka pine in the foreground
Anther breathtaking view on our hike after we had our feast at the lodge.

Did you know that Alaska the largest rainforest in the country?

I now know that rainforests are not just in tropical locations? There are 17 million acres of rainforest in Alaska.

The Sitka Spruce trees are everywhere and are a major importance in forestry for timber and paper production. They’re widely used in piano, harp, violin, and guitar manufacture, due to their high strength-to-weight ratio and regular, knot-free rings make it an excellent conductor of sound. The Steinway and Sons piano company is well known for using Sitka spruce exclusively for the soundboards in their pianos. The harp company, Lyon and Healy, also use Sitka spruce for the soundboards of their harps.

Moss growing on Sitka Pine trees
I love how this moss grows on the lower branches of Sitka pine trees in Juneau.

Okay, back to the food

King Crab Appetizer in bamboo boats on black napkins
This King Crab appetizer was one of the many wonderful small plates served at the opening night ceremony for the IFBC2019 and they were as delicious as they are cute. I love how they were presented in these little bamboo boats.
single scoop of white and caramel swirled ice cream in white paper bowl with wooden spoon
This is a scoop of candied salmon ice cream made by Coppa. Yep, I know it sounds weird, but it’s really good. You would never know it was salmon at all.
Food buffet with hummus, toast and many toppings
An incredible hummus toast buffet presented by Sabra.

#hummustoast #winner

Sabra hummus set this expansive buffet up for us one morning and asked us to take photos of our creations and post them with the #hummustoast on Instagram. They picked three winners to receive $500 Visa gift cards and guess what? I was one of the winners. I heard it was actually random, but I do like my photos and it was delicious. Added bonus was the bloody mary and mimosa bar.

Two pieces of toast topped with hummus. one with prosciutto and roasted red peppers, the other with hummus, cucumber and sriracha sauce on a white plate, on a white table.
My hummus toast (hummus, prosciutto, roasted red peppers) and (hummus, cucumbers and sriracha sauce)

Souvenirs and a two-headed baby duck

I could show food photos for days, but I want to end this with some of the interesting and unique souvenirs (including a two-headed duck) you can purchase while enjoying your stay in Juneau.

woman in fur store wearing a fox fur hat
Does this give new meaning to the term “Foxy Lady”? I saw this hat and just couldn’t resist putting it on. Scott, at Alaska Fur Gallery was such a good sport in helping me try things on and take my picture. You can’t tell in this picture, but this hat even has a tail.
isle in native souvenir shop filled with furs, drums, printed pillows, carvings, rugs.
There is no shortage of furs, carvings, drums and native designed items in Alaska. I just want to sleep on a pile of furs. So soft.
Multiple native bone carvings of skeletons, bears, owls, moose, frog and totem pole in glass case.
These carvings are mostly from walrus tusks or cheek bones. You can find them everywhere in Juneau.
wooden bowl filled with deer hooves sitting on top of a animal fur skin
I finally know where to buy deer hooves and they’re cheap.
two-headed baby duck under glass, several wooden bracelets and an old metal toy
Two-headed baby duck, wooden bracelets and this old metal toy are just some of the odd things I found in this souvenir shop.

Stacey Mincoff standing next to a large bear cutout with a sign that says #askforAlsaka

As anyone who knows me, I’m pretty chatty and love to tell stories, but as hard as I tried to keep this short… I did not. Juneau is an experience I highly recommend. Next time I’ll stay longer because there’s so much more to see, do and eat.

Happy travels!

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