Smoky Pulled Pork Street Tacos
These smoky, sweet and a bit spicy pulled pork street tacos with a jicama mango slaw will make your mouth happy. They are super easy to make and a nice alternative to your standard taco. You might just even have a better day.
Servings Prep Time
24Tacos 30Minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
24Tacos 30Minutes
Cook Time
  • 2 1/2Cups Jicama Mango Slaw
  • 4Cups Smoked Pulled Pork
  • 24 Soft Corn Tortillas(street taco size – small)
  • 3 JalapeƱos(sliced, optional)
  • Queso Fresco Cheese(optional)
  • BBQ Sauce of Choice(optional)
  • Lime Wedges(optional)
  • Radishes(optional)
  • Cilantro(optional)
  1. Grill or toast small street taco size soft corn tortillas until slightly warm (too much will make them crunchy).
  2. Layer your preferred ingredients from above, pour a margarita or your favorite beverage and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Cook time includes time to make Jicama Mango Slaw and assemble tacos. It does not include the time it takes to make the Smoked Pulled Pork. You can substitute shredded chicken in place of the pork if you wish.

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